Security Officer

Company Name:
Start date: 2014-10-13T17:42:33.397
Salary period: Annual
Security Officer Position
Business training or experience in computer hardware and software design, use, and maintenance a must.
Must pass criminal background and abuse registry checks and be eligible for unrestricted employment.
Job responsibilities include:
テつ Act as primary liaison between the facility and ABCM IT Dept.
テつ Collaborate with administrator and corporate IT Department regarding hardware and software needs, options
テつ Verify that security protection software is up-to-date and functioning as well as Windows operating systems and other business software including Adobe Acrobat, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office.
テつ Regularly monitor computer systems for unauthorized users, content, websites, personal usage, using other people's logins, flash drives, media, etc.
テつ Maintain a current running log of permissions, access rights, and security levels on all software, programs, websites and equipment used by the facility including but not limited to: Windows, Dextrosity, SharePoint, ABCM Corp. website, Abaqis, ABCM.net/DSSI, Casper reporting, Charge Tracker, Citrix/Smartlinx, Email accounts, DIA reporting website, VA website, DHS reporting portal, AccuNurse, Silverchair, etc.
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